Who have we worked with?

We believe well done is better than well said.

Benjamin Franklin

The people who make up The Rad Room have decades of design and marketing experience. We were doing all this stuff well before there was a pubic internet – when print was the one and only king. Digital devices were the dream of Steve Jobs. But we’ve moved with the times, and being the skilled and creative bunch we are, we have become rather good at what we do. We just choose to do it differently – we work remotely maximising our time with family & life and not wasting precious hours on commutes to sit at a desk and have someone look over our shoulders to make sure we’re doing our jobs.

Here’s a list of some of the brands and companies we’ve worked with in various positions over the years that we can tell you about in no particular order:

Easygym / Carol Nash Insurance / Eurowings / Dreamland Kent / W10 Performance Gyms / Phizer / Moove – Cosan (Europoean ExxonMobil Distributors) / The Professional Fitness Coaches Academy / International Fitness Business Alliance / Woodland Trust / Ellenor / Addaction / Sunlife / Jubilee Charities Group / All Secure Self Storage / Storage Box / Rotadock / Love & Thunder Clothing / Kona Bicycle Distribution / Marzocchi / Wethepeople / Intense Cycles / Amicable Building / The Looking Glass / Cluttons / CBRE / Majengo Consultants / Aeroptical / Innovation Vehicle Body Repairs / The National Fruit Collections Trust and many more…

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