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The Rad Room

Well… we reckon the dudes we’ve been talking about this fine morning in the Rad Room couldn’t be bothered about technological progress – there’s always going to be a niche for old skoolers who just want things done right.

They might say something like this:

Hi! I’m a cartoonist by day, aspiring hot rodder by night, and this is my webshop. I live in the badlands, drive an old VW, crave to surf, have a great dog named Oilcan and I like tiki bars that serve craft beer. Oh, and I use an iPhone 3GS.

…or state something wise like our Mr.T the designer said (not the Mr. T but the Mr. T in here):

Some days we give out, some days we just fill up, nothing wrong with that…

Maybe you’re just a business person who needs some help with all this digital marketing and website stuff and you’re fed up with the staggering costs and hype.

Purists, even of the marketing kind, always have a strong opinion on something. Usually it involves towing the corporate line, updating their Linkedin profile and not questioning the ‘wisdom’ of corporations while they blow hot air. How totally unkool.

We think a little differently and miss the days when people were honest to goodness, and returned phone calls and messages – and just got the job done. Why should all this digital revolution change that? We dunno…

So what’s going on here then? Dunno to be honest, but something will happen – it always does. Bookmark the page. Come back again if you want but…

If you want digital marketing malarky, great designing, social media bruhaha or a website we can help – drop us a line using the form below.

Top tip – Have a BBQ with true friends sometime soon!

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